Preaching through parables

This entry serves two purposes. One to make sure my posts are showing up on my Facebook page. And two, to see what you all think about the idea of storytelling in preaching.

In my preaching class, the assignment this week was to write a one-page reflection paper on the elements of storytelling. We’re reading a book called “The Preacher as Storyteller,” by Austin B. Tucker. In the first chapters he talks a lot about preachers who don’t like the idea of storytelling while preaching.

What do you think? Are there times with you think using a story in a sermon is inappropriate? Are there stories you’ve heard in sermons that you will never forget? Please share!


P.S. I’ll tell you what I got on my paper when I get the grade back.


2 thoughts on “Preaching through parables

  1. I have been conditioned by my Pastor, Kelly D. Taylor, to expect a story in the sermon. If we have a guest preacher and there is no story, I’m left wanting. Sometimes when the story starts I think, “now how is he gonna tie this in to the scripture?” I always end up saying “Okay, I get it”. Sometimes the stories are just like the scripture but other times they make you dig deep to find the connection. Either way, it helps me apply this scripture to my daily life. Isn’t that the purpose? My Pastor knows his audience and therefore knows what is appropriate. I don’t think that storytelling is inappropriate especially if it is helping achieve your goal.

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