Joshua and hip hop music

Ok, I admit Joshua and hip hop are not actually related in this post, but I will address them both when it is all said and done. 🙂

Last night I made a significant breakthrough on the exegetical paper on Joshua 1, thanks in no small part to my pastor the Rev. Marvin A. Moss. Sunday night Moss preached the first night of revival at St. James UMC in Alpharetta, Ga, a church he once pastored. During the sermon he talked about courage, a key component of Joshua 1, and gave us a brief word study, which is where the lightbulb came on for me. His text was John 16:33 and the subject of his sermon was “When Life Happens.” It was a wonderful message, that served dual purposes for me. I anticipate working on the paper this evening when I get home from United Methodist history class.

Now on to hip hop… my assignment for Hebrew Bible/Old Testament class is proving tricky yet fun. The assignment is to find a “popular expression” of a biblical passage — meaning find a Bible verse in a secular setting — and analyze its secular meaning and explore its original intent in the Bible. I’ve found a couple of possibilities, hopefully I can get to class early enough to sign up for the passage I want. The due dates for the paper are based on where the passages are found in the Bible. The passage I really want to use is found in the Latter Prophets and would be due 11 November, so I really hope I can get one of the seven (7) slots for the Latter Prophets. I have a feeling there will be plenty of room to sign up for passages found in the Former Prophets or Chronicler, as those papers are due 30 September. **sigh**

By the way, many, many thanks to those of you who read Joshua 1 and offered feedback and shared with me what questions popped to mind during and after your reading. If you still want to read it and give me your questions, you have until Tuesday night to do so.


One thought on “Joshua and hip hop music

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