This going to be fun. And by fun I mean interesting. And by interesting I mean…

Last night I tried to finish a reading/writing assignment, but the words just weren’t there. I meant there were words there, but not the right words. The assignment was clear but I just could not seem to type the words or adequately dictate my thoughts into my dictation app. Realizing I’d hit a wall, so to speak, I went to bed.

I’d been reading and writing since about 10a Sunday morning, so when I hit the bed around 11p, I was sufficiently tired. I fell asleep in no time, but as I slept, the words came. I dreamed about my readings and had conversations with James Cone, Fredrick Ware and others during the night. Where was my dictation app when I needed it?!?

I woke up this morning about 8a, remembering I’d spoken to these theologians, but the conversation wasn’t clear in my head anymore. Drat! I could see us sitting at a table, talking about methods of doing black theology — which was the reading in question last night — but I couldn’t hear their voices anymore. But I could still hear MY voice. I remember what I said to them, and I had clear and coherent ideas in my head, at 8a on a holiday. Maaaaaaan!

So I got up, made my way downstairs to my designated work spot and got to writing, at 8a on a holiday. And here I am, at 10:45a, on a holiday, finished with two assignments and working on a third. Happy Labor Day, indeed.

Yeah, this is going to be fun.